The purpose of this site was to highlight and inform the public regarding particular programs and staff of Kaleidoscope Ministries.  Currently those particular programs have been discontinued and staff eliminated so the content has been removed.  If you have further questions regarding the validity of this organization, you are encouraged to stop by their offices or conduct your own research.  Below are resources to assist you.




Kaleidoscope Ministries*

401 West Texas Avenue

Midland, TX 79701

(432) 684-7310




Department of the Treasury

Internal Revenue Service

Contact Person: Joan C. Kiser

ID# 31217

Telephone: (877) 829-5500

P.O. Box 2508

Cincinnati, OH  45201




Office of the Attorney General

Charitable Trusts Section

P.O. Box 12548

Austin, TX 78711-2548








* Nonprofit organizations are required to file annual 990 forms with the IRS which detail how the organizations are run.  IRS regulations also require non-profits to make their Form 990 information returns and Form 1023 Application for Recognition of Tax Exemption available for public inspection and via mail.  An organization must make the three most recent Form 990's, including all schedules, and its Form 1023 immediately available for public inspection during regular business hours and without charge at its principal place of business.